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Reflection Project: GAME OVER

For this project I wanted to show my interest in old games by working in an old style pixel art. I wanted to call the project game over as over the year I have lost motivation when a challenge was too hard, This would also represent my fear of failure especially with this first image. What I wanted to show with this project was a number of different concept art works for an old  horror game. 


For this image I was inspired by character menu screens, in this I put myself as a character with the years projects as annagrams at the side saying my progress, With strengths and weaknesses at the opposing side. Creating this work in a pixelated was challenging at first then with using the right brushes and canvas size I ended up liking what I was making. 


This is a concept of one of the levels in the game, I wanted to make it eerie whilst using a drawing guide so in this image there are no curved lines. I like how the mist is more of an overwhelming gloom illuminated by the machines below. 

This is the first image I created with the project, it took a lot of trial and error and i had to resort in creating my own pixelated brushes, however this image is also a concept level in the game, i like to think this is a reflection of the second term where we got work in different dimentions so I tried to create a 3D looking effect with the mist.  


This is a 2D pixelated castle, I took inspiration from Undertale and super mario bros 2, I like to think of this level as the finale before you go and fight the end boss. 


As I chose something that inspired me when it comes to this project i had an excuse to revisit my nostalgic games, Resident Evil inspired my horror aspect and my interest in horror itself. 


Games like Castlevania, Undertale and Fallout where my big style inspirations when it came to this project. As I looked back I noticed colour, character and story. 


These are rough ideas for my first ideas within this project, more leaning into horror aspect, and more disturbing imagery.

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