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Queen Boudica was from the ancient `British Iceni tribe. She was known for her uprising against the roman conquest of the southern regions. Motivated by revenge from what the romans did to her daughters. Boudica formed an allegiance with the surrounding tribes to revolt against roman rule although Boudica's armies massacared 70'000 romans her army was ultimately defeated. 


The Iceni tribe was based in East Anglia and Britain was under ancient roman rule. When the iceni made a treaty during the time of Claudius invasion of Britain. The British tried to rebel as the romans tried to disarm them. this then led to a client kingship with Prasutagus who was Boudica's husband which the romans could control easily. Once King Prasutagus died he left half of his wealth to his daughters and the other half to Emperor Nero. Trusting the romans to protect his family. instead the romans annexed his kingdom, humiliated his family by assaulting his daughters and plundered chief tribesmen. 

Boudicas revolt 

Boudica waited until govenor Paulinus (governor of Britain and also had an alliance with the romans) was abroad so she could rally her tribes and stand against the romans. The romans underestimated Britain and didn't see britons as a threat.  

Camulodunum (Colchester) was one of the largest roman settlement during 60AD. Colchester was a fortified town and was a big focus for Emperor Claudius. When Boudica's rebellion started in 60AD. Boudica chose Camulodunum because she knew it was the example of roman rule in Britain. A surrounding tribe the Trinobantes was one of the first to join her army, wanting revenge on the roman rulers.  

Camulodunum heard of Boudica's uprising but completely underestimated her meaning they were underprepared for her attack. The romans sent 200 unarmed soldiers to aid Camulodunum as Boudica was severely underestimated. Boudica's armies slaughtered Camulodunum and she burned it down. The battle in Colchester was an act of revenge for Boudica and the other britons. While hurrying to rescue Colchester the romans sent the 9th Legion where her armies where defeated After Camulodunum Boudica then turned her attention to Londinium (London).  Where she then ransacked Londinium with her armies and burned that down too. 

The roman governor of Britain heard news of Boudica's uprising while he was in Wales targeting the druids. The Battle of Watling street was Boudica's last battle. The battle marked the end of resistance to roman rule in Britain. The large British force was outnumbered by the romans under the command of the governor paulinus. Boudica's death toll was 70'000 Romans. 

Queen Boudica, A Life in Legend.jpg

roman Colchester. 


Iron Age Celtic settlement 


Londinium (roman London) 


boudica's revoult. 

I wanted to look at Celtic and Iron Age roundhouses so I can incorporate the locations into my development and ideas. This gives me an idea into what I want my houses to look like. 


I wanted to create the landscape based of Norfolk and Essex where the Iceni tribe was based. I wanted to incorporate the grassy lands and the large skies that are in the landscape 


inspiration and initial ideas 

for the style of my book I wanted to create a dark feeling towards it, taking inspiration from 1980s dark fantasy illustrations, while still being informative. 


Cirith Gorgor

Lost World.jpg

Bruce Pennington

Planning and development 

I wanted to recreate the revolution of Boudica and I wanted to try and capture the major events in the story. using quick thumbnails to illustrate my plans. I wanted to try and capture the whole journey. From her tribe to her last battle. 


This my first initial page plan, but after my feedback sessions I realised having one page after another wasn't a strong idea. I wanted to try and get a compelling page plan. using single page illustrations wouldn't make the book flow the way I would've wanted it to.  


My second set of ideas I wanted to use colour to see what I would've used. I had to watch out for historical inacuracies for example using stone and hills in a story set in Norfolk. I wanted to actually create Boudica herself to see what I might've incorporated. 


As I was being indecisive over my page plans I set on doing double page spreads for most of the book. I felt this idea would've made the pages flow better. 

I wanted to practice a couple of my pages before going into the final pieces just so I could have an idea on what it would be like. I used small scale sketchbook for the practice pieces. 


This is the cover I decided to go with. I edited the image on photoshop to up the contrast as I wanted the book to be dark and brooding due to the violence in the book. I wanted to scan in the image rather than take a picture as I felt like a photo wouldn't have had the same effect or brush strokes.  


The rest of the unedited scans.  For the process of these I used gouache to paint the initial images. 

Final Outcomes 

For the final outcomes I edited the scans on photoshop, I used levels to enhance the contrast and the light and dark areas of the images. 



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