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Literal Man In Black 

Full MP3 recording 

Initial inspiration

Having my story set in a British cold winter I wanted to give my story a cold bleak feel however as my story contained a possessed snowman I wanted to to try and have the snowman in the story whilst also giving it a horror feel. 

My story is an English horror story, Written in 1988 and set I wanted to look at the horror and fashion of the late eighties especially in English winter.  I wanted to look at the style and horror see if I can gain influence for my Illustration

Night Train To Terror (1985) Horror.jpg
night of the creeps 1986.jpg

Artist Inspiration

:Stephen Gregory: solaris books

Trya Kleen

Ars, Arte et Labore.png

Neil Addams

Victoria Semykina

The woman in white.jpg

Julia Iredale


Margrete Lamond

Four common mistakes made by picture-book illustrators — MARGRETE LAMOND.jpg

The Snowman Killing. full bleed illustration

The initial thumbnails for my project. at first I wanted to make the snowman look more horrifying however It ended looking the same in each, changing it to the traditional three tier snowman everyone is used to. However a problem I was having is how to make a snowman look scary. However It was more of the reaction from the main protagonist that made the snowman seem more threatening. 

Following on from the initial thumbnails I wanted to develop them even more by using colour and shape. I also had spontaneous Ideas that I wanted to carry out and develop .

I was indecisive between two ideas. I wanted follow on this in the story they put a lot of preface on the house so I wanted to incorporate that.


Chapter heading

For the chapter heading I wanted to incorporate the house and also use different mediums like lino printing. that I then edited to make a chapter heading. 

Man in black cover

For my cover I was originally going to use an idea of a skeleton holding a book, I also experimented with Lino printing for the cover. however after very little deliberation my idea changed quickly to something that represents the man in black himself a bit more. I had the idea of a man in a chair and then I used ink and then photo edited the image to make block colour. I also took this oppatunity to look at more obscure typography to incorporate in the cover. 

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