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Exploitation of true crime

For my protest pack I wanted to focus on the exploitation and desensitiesd  attitudes towards true crime. An issue that is never actually brought up and rarely called out. In todays society there's so much sensationalisation around true crime as its everywhere and true crime continues to speak on victims in the name of awareness without the wishes of the families, while also making a profit on the tragedies. 

an article focusing on the problems with true crime:

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True crime itself has turned into a massive genre with streaming services trying to exploit all they can out of it. Disney + having its own dedicated section towards true crime has itself left a sour taste.  considering Disney is supposed to be a family friendly brand it shows that they only had this section on their site because they know how popular the genre is and want to exploit it in a money making scheme.

As well as Disney + ,Netflix and other streaming services it's also got a massive audience on social media and YouTube.  Many content creators and Influencers want to jump onto the true crime trend . However a lot of these content creators do respectfully talk about these victims and tragedies. Unfortunately this can't be said about some influencers that like to merge the true crime itself with makeup videos and ASMR videos which also leaves a sour taste. people act like these tragedies are just stories and nothing to really take seriously.  

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if you want to learn more this video essay goes in depth about the problem with true crime on YouTube. 


statistics that show the rising true crime genre and the demand true crime has on the casual viewer. These stats also show that women are the main audience of these podcasts and tv shows. 

The Campaign


For my campaign I wanted to highlight the ridiculousness of true crime content. I want to target viewers of true crime to remind them its not a story or local gossip its real life tragedies that traumatise the families that are involved. 

Initial ideas


The idea of this campaign is to target the viewer and make them rethink what they are watching. as society now has become so desensitiesd too true crime and making it into a product for profit.

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