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4D resubmission

As I scored 30% for the multi-dimensional illustration I decided to go back and focus on one of the areas I lacked in. I revisited the 4D part of the module as I lacked research and ambition within the work. The task was too create a selection of animated gifs based off popular film tropes. Although I did create the Gifs a lot of the film tropes weren't there, and I didn't show my processes throughout.  going back this time I got more ambitious with the gif making and actually based them in tropes. this time I believe the gifs are stronger and tidier.   

For my research this time I looked at popular horror movie tropes and characters which is what I decided to specialise in this time.  


For the first gif I decided to animate a scene from Jennifers body. I am intrigued by films which have possesion in the plot and also monster movies so this was what I chose to start with.  I decided to try rotoscoping which is where you animate a video. I did this by importing the gif onto procreate then traced frame by frame. doing this was new which made me skeptical of the technical issues but it worked. 

I finished off by adding a few finishing touches, I did this by colouring her hair, and adding small bits of red. What I liked most about this is that every layer wasn't perfectly traced so her hair and face where a lot more animated. 


for the second gif I went down more of a simplified route but I still think this is effective. So another horror trope I like is where a character is watching something on their television and are fearful of what they're watching. I was inspired to make this gif from watching the ring. I think this gif was really effective when it came to illuminating the face.  the way I did this was by having the characters head on the background then copying and pasting the light making it bigger and smaller to give the illusion she's watching something. 



This next gif I decided to do more rotoscoping with procreate this time the queen from Snow White. I decided to do a cartoon type animation but I couldn't be as ambitious as I hoped because I had some technical  difficulties where the app crashed. so then I improvised with text and a background to try and make something stronger and effective.  


I did rotoscoping again on this gif as I liked the technique a lot the last times, this is also my favourite of the new selection of gifs I created. This is from Dracula and I wanted to be a lot more ambitious for this gif so I did the basic rotoscoping and added different effects like the glitch effect. I thought this made the gif very new and different.  


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The next Gifs I wanted to create something again more simple yet effective. the first one being the blood on the knife, I did a similar thing where I used the background and animated the foreground. 


this next gif is another one of my favourites as it tells a story within itself. I was inspired to do this from those end of the world films. I also think this gif is one of the most thought provoking and interesting to look at. also this was the same technique using the background and adding the animations. 

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